July 1, 2023

I read lately that this is the most common question people ask writers, “Where do you get your ideas?” To answer, let me give you some background. I write mostly fiction but am also a journalist. Since writing is actually my second career, my early schooling was not focused on writing. So I’ve had to be truly a lifelong learner. (My degrees are in music—I played the oboe—and business). I feel like I’m constantly finding out new things about publishing. Sometimes I will consider stopping my journalism work. Using my brain in two such different ways is like bringing ...

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October 28, 2020

There’s a special day for everything, it seems. While writing my Fair Creek Romance series, I came up with the idea of Think Like a Cowboy Day. Only why limit the celebration to just one day? Every day should be cowboy day. But then, I’ve been horse crazy since I was a girl, which then turned into cowboy crazy, too. And I might have been a cowgirl wannabe, too! It started because I grew up on a farm and we had cows, so getting a horse seemed like the next obvious step, to me anyway. I was constantly reading ...

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